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My name is Esther Miller and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor. I grew up in Ohio in the country, where I rode horses, caught crawdads in the creek and even raised some orphaned raccoons. I attended Earlham college in Indiana, and after graduation decided to move someplace new and exciting with my soon to be husband. We heard how cool Austin was so we came here pretty much sight unseen with a couple of friends. We now have two almost grown sons, a dog and live in Northwest Austin. Prior to becoming a therapist, I was a stay at home mom and loved watching my kids grow and develop into the wonderful young men they are today. I am passionate about all things creative, including cooking, painting, and learning new things, and I still love to be outside, whether gardening, hiking in Colorado or spending time working on my backyard pond. 



My academic background is a combination of disciplines. With undergraduate degrees in biology and nutrition, an art minor, and master's degree in counseling, I provide an approach to therapy that is grounded in science, focused on brain neurochemistry, with an understanding of how people learn, and the benefits of praise and positive reinforcement. I use an eclectic approach and believe that a therapist must be creative and skillful in determining the right approach for each client. I also have the practical experience of raising two boys using attachment style parenting and navigating the many ups and downs of childhood, including school, friends, sports, and relationships.

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